Indonesian once made a turnover of Rp 340 million on Online Gambling

Religion and the state ban gambling, but in fact, various forms of gambling are still prevalent in Indonesia. One of them is online gambling, which is offered by many gambling sites and bookmakers.

Indonesian Police Raid Illegal Gambling

Different forms of online gambling vary from camouflage online poker games (agen poker online) to guessing football matches. Yes, playing football doesn’t seem to be just a healthy hobby. However, it can be painful to spread through activities such as gambling. Fendi Christian, an online gambler for three years, told his story on the Brillio news site.

From Hobby to Addiction to Huge Debts

Fendi started online gambling in 2012. Starting with the proposal of a “hobby” online gambling colleague, Fendi is finally interested in trying this game. According to Fendi, his colleagues like to gamble online through a personal tablet. When they left, Fendi was asked if he had BCA, Mandiri Bank and BNI Debit Card.

“I just had everything. I was told to go immediately,” said the man who worked as a bank employee at Banten Serang.

From transferring money to online gambling sites or starting with bookmakers, Fendi is ready to bet on one-to-many football matches. Initially provided 200,000 rupiah, after a while, the nominal amount has doubled to several million rupees.

Fendi said: “The biggest game ever has a record of 42 million rupiah.”

If Fendi wins, he will get double the profit from the nominal value of the installed Indonesian rupiah. Fendi’s top teams are the Japanese football team, the Urawa Reds and Liverpool. Even if Fend is willing to participate in the competition, they are willing to cheer for the team.

In addition, Fendi claims to have achieved a turnover of up to 340 million rupiahs by betting on various football matches. Especially this season, Fendi can earn up to 10 million rupiahs in a single football bet. Unfortunately, these benefits have not been found until now. Whenever Fendi wins, he always spends his bets on nightclub entertainment, buying luxury goods and using it as a bigger capital bet.

As a result of online gambling, Fendi purchased a Kijang Innova and various Apple-branded gadgets in 2014. But it only lasted for a few weeks because Fendi sold it and the proceeds were used for gambling capital.

Unfortunately, Fendi lost more than a dozen times more than the previous victory. Fending even accumulated huge debts that were left unpaid. When he no longer cannot bear his debt crisis, he finally reached out to his parents.

At first, Fendi’s father didn’t want to help pay off his debts because of online gambling. According to Fendi’s father, the debt was caused by Fendi’s actions. Therefore, Fendi must try to solve it on his own. Unlike the Mother who finally wanted to help Fendi, even though previously he had to be peppered with advice and promises that he had to fulfill to not return to gambling.

Upon hearing his mother’s advice, Fendi finally realized and promised to stop playing online gambling. Not only that, but the money to pay off the debt he borrowed from the bank is Rp. Getting a £60 million income by providing a home certificate became a factor for Fendi, so he inevitably had to stop gambling.

From Addiction to Resurrection

Now, Fendi has fulfilled his promise to his parents to completely stop being an online gambler.

“Now, I deliberately broke all the ATMs so I don’t gamble anymore,” said Fendi.

While the money from working in the bank is used to pay off his mother’s debt to the bank.

Another lesson that Fendi feels is that he is now praying diligently, whereas before Fendi had never prayed at all.

I learned how to pray. Alhamdulillah, my life is calmer and happier,” he said.

Not to forget, Fendi also advised not to be involved in gambling activities. In addition to being ensnared by confinement, for him to win no matter how many times he would suffer more losses than wins. Indeed, it is not easy to stop if you are already gambling, but it is not impossible to reject it, right?