Compared to what it was before, eSports betting is such a hit today.

Despite being a new form of betting and despite its slow start, it has been consistent to gain the attention and interests of people for the past several years.

New Player in World of Betting that’s not Shy to be Known

Its growth has been exponential that it is estimated that the global eSports betting market can be worth more or less 30 billion dollars as the year 2020 comes.

This is an enormous figure; consider that it is for eSport. The truth is, the fanbase for eSports are staggering but it is nowhere close to the fanbases for conventional sports we know of like football, tennis, baseball and the likes. A lot of people on this said fan base don’t have any idea what is going on in eSports. Most probably, they don’t even know that it is possible to bet on these games.

Give it a Try, You’ve got Nothing to Lose Anyway

If you too would want to bet, then it will be smart to learn basic tips for betting, especially if this is your first time. Once you get the hang of it, that’s when you can start moving on practicing advanced strategies.