Featured Winners

In the past few decades, we’ve seen a surge in video game industry. From being a leisure and past time, it is now one of the industries that generate enormous bets among avid players. With leading publishers like Activision, EA as well as Bethesda releasing their best-selling titles, the revenue is now past 100 billion dollar mark.

It Keeps on Growing

These figures are forecasted to grow.

Today, gamers are jumping to the bandwagon too.

Given that eSports are hosting competitive video games that have been quick to evolve into a lucrative industry in its own. As the spectator’s interests and player participation keep growing, the concept was able to attract major sponsors as well as financial backers.

For top gamers, the culmination of this means just one thing, they can make money and there is loads of it to take home. The concept is not something to be easily passed on. Whether the competition is done individually or as a team, elite players were able to generate handsome profits and secure endorsements at the same time.

A Change of Career Perhaps?

In fact, some of the top eSport players that were able to make a fortune by playing and mastering their game include the names of Peter Dager ($2.9 million), Saahil Arora ($3 million), Maroun Merhej ($3.1 million), Sumail Hassan ($3.2 million), Jesse Vainikka ($3.3 million), Lasse Urpalainen ($3.4 million) and a lot more in the mix.