Indonesian once made a turnover of Rp 340 million on Online Gambling

Religion and the state ban gambling, but in fact, various forms of gambling are still prevalent in Indonesia. One of them is online gambling, which is offered by many gambling sites and bookmakers.

Indonesian Police Raid Illegal Gambling

Different forms of online gambling vary from camouflage online poker games (agen poker online) to guessing football matches. Yes, playing football doesn’t seem to be just a healthy hobby. However, it can be painful to spread through activities such as gambling. Fendi Christian, an online gambler for three years, told his story on the Brillio news site.

From Hobby to Addiction to Huge Debts

Fendi started online gambling in 2012. Starting with the proposal of a “hobby” online gambling colleague, Fendi is finally interested in trying this game. According to Fendi, his colleagues like to gamble online through a personal tablet. When they left, Fendi was asked if he had BCA, Mandiri Bank and BNI Debit Card.

“I just had everything. I was told to go immediately,” said the man who worked as a bank employee at Banten Serang.

From transferring money to online gambling sites or starting with bookmakers, Fendi is ready to bet on one-to-many football matches. Initially provided 200,000 rupiah, after a while, the nominal amount has doubled to several million rupees.

Fendi said: “The biggest game ever has a record of 42 million rupiah.”

If Fendi wins, he will get double the profit from the nominal value of the installed Indonesian rupiah. Fendi’s top teams are the Japanese football team, the Urawa Reds and Liverpool. Even if Fend is willing to participate in the competition, they are willing to cheer for the team.

In addition, Fendi claims to have achieved a turnover of up to 340 million rupiahs by betting on various football matches. Especially this season, Fendi can earn up to 10 million rupiahs in a single football bet. Unfortunately, these benefits have not been found until now. Whenever Fendi wins, he always spends his bets on nightclub entertainment, buying luxury goods and using it as a bigger capital bet.

As a result of online gambling, Fendi purchased a Kijang Innova and various Apple-branded gadgets in 2014. But it only lasted for a few weeks because Fendi sold it and the proceeds were used for gambling capital.

Unfortunately, Fendi lost more than a dozen times more than the previous victory. Fending even accumulated huge debts that were left unpaid. When he no longer cannot bear his debt crisis, he finally reached out to his parents.

At first, Fendi’s father didn’t want to help pay off his debts because of online gambling. According to Fendi’s father, the debt was caused by Fendi’s actions. Therefore, Fendi must try to solve it on his own. Unlike the Mother who finally wanted to help Fendi, even though previously he had to be peppered with advice and promises that he had to fulfill to not return to gambling.

Upon hearing his mother’s advice, Fendi finally realized and promised to stop playing online gambling. Not only that, but the money to pay off the debt he borrowed from the bank is Rp. Getting a £60 million income by providing a home certificate became a factor for Fendi, so he inevitably had to stop gambling.

From Addiction to Resurrection

Now, Fendi has fulfilled his promise to his parents to completely stop being an online gambler.

“Now, I deliberately broke all the ATMs so I don’t gamble anymore,” said Fendi.

While the money from working in the bank is used to pay off his mother’s debt to the bank.

Another lesson that Fendi feels is that he is now praying diligently, whereas before Fendi had never prayed at all.

I learned how to pray. Alhamdulillah, my life is calmer and happier,” he said.

Not to forget, Fendi also advised not to be involved in gambling activities. In addition to being ensnared by confinement, for him to win no matter how many times he would suffer more losses than wins. Indeed, it is not easy to stop if you are already gambling, but it is not impossible to reject it, right?

System And Strategy In The World Of Gambling

The ultimate purpose of gambling (daftar judi) is to win cash. From the time gambling had been around, people have appeared to use techniques and strategies to improve their own chances of winning cash. This is certainly basic being human. It is somewhat rational that we all want to do whatever they can to be able to win while risking their own cash, whether that is on the time for a credit card, the move of a chop, or the consequence of a horses race.

Betting Strategies and Systems

Consequently, there have been numerous gambling gadgets and approaches developed over the years. Some of these have grown to be very widely recognized by gamblers worldwide. The vast majority have not made it inside the public domain name though. It really is because the ones who find a way to develop successful strategies often keep them to themselves.

What could be the difference between a system and a strategy in the gambling industry?

With regards to gambling, both terms are used interchangeably. There is not really any kind of accepted meaning for this in a wagering sense, whilst people translate them within their own technique.

A strategy is usually taking a certain approach or maybe applying a particular method to betting or video gaming. For example, thinking about all the primary factors that may affect the results of a soccer match, then wagering around the result appropriately. Or learning the form of all of the horses inside a race prior to trying to choose a winner.

A system is really a fixed group of rules. Therefore an example right here would be usually betting about the highest-rated player within the tennis match up. There’s simply no strategy related to that, it may be just about carrying out a single guideline.

Things aren’t quite that easy though. Get basic baccarat strategy for instance. The term strategy is popular and approved in this circumstance, but in fact, it is following a set of principles. Basic blackjack online strategy lets you know exactly what to perform based on the credit cards in your hands and the dealer’s exposed credit. There’s absolutely nothing else to think about, and no space for an individual believed. To play “perfectly”, you simply need to follow the regulations.

So to conclude, there’s not really a perfect approach to use when it comes to gambling. Regardless if there’s a real system or strategy to use to improve your odds of winning, it still boils down to following the rules of the game.

Advantages of Playing Casino Online

Gambling, specifically casino, has been the most popular form of entertainment for many years now ever since it has been legalized in some countries. A lot of people, regardless of age, are playing as their form of the past time these days. One of the reasons for this is that gambling helps people escape from all the worries and anxiety because of suspense and excitement. However, the downside here is that once gamblers cannot control their way of gambling it becomes problematic and will lead to bankruptcy. But as long as you are not risking too much of your money and even properties, then it is fine.

It is believed that since we are living in a digital age, gambling is more prominent around the world because of accessibility. Even at home, you can participate in gambling using only your mobile devices and the internet. You should make sure first that your chosen site as a playground is safe and will not steal your money and personal information. This can be done through 먹튀사이트 검증. Although we know that it is quite a time consuming, it is better to be sure.

So why do many people find it hard to stop playing Casino? What are its benefits? Listed below are the major benefits people usually get from playing the casino:

1. Convenience Brought By the Internet

One of the major factors that affect the number of people playing the casino is the internet. You can easily play anytime and anywhere as long as you have a laptop or cellphone and an internet connection. Unlike when you still have to go outside your house.

2. Registration Bonuses

If you have heard somewhere that you can get a cash bonus upon registration at the casino site, don’t think of it as a scam or what, because it is actually true. A lot of people get this after registering in order to motivate them to play the game. And most of the time, it is effective because gamers who received the bonus chose to play at the particular site.

3. Wide Range of Deposit Options

The best thing online casino ever offered is the payment options. Gamers can cash using their debit or credit card which is less hassle. It still depends on the site.

4. Chance to Play with Other People Around the World 

Online casino gives you the chance to play with other gamblers from different countries. This is a great experience and exciting as well because you will discover other cultures.



Enjoy Playing The Lottery And Other Casino Games From Your Home

With gaming online, it is now possible for everyone to appreciate the advantage of enjoying casino and other games right at our own homes. This is without a doubt a warm change because people no longer have to go to the store or find a local casino. This is also an extra form of entertainment for those who find the game to be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Top World Lotteries

Lottery Tickets Online

Now you can sit back and delight in a range of online games while making money from it. People can also purchase lottery tickets online without risk, which is increasing in popularity very quickly.

Find The Right Online Lottery That Suits Your Needs

There are many websites and a variety of lottery tickets from which to purchase online lottery tickets (see Togel Hongkong). It is at its best to explore the internet and locate a website that matches your requirements. Then, people can select from the various lottery tickets presented by the website.

At times people find their favorites only available on a specific website. Some lottery tickets do have their specific online websites that these tickets can only be purchased from their site. Once you have found your website and the lottery ticket, go buy it.

Purchasing Lottery Tickets

To purchase a lottery ticket online, you must register on the lottery website of your choice. This is a straightforward procedure that needs you to provide some information about yourself. You can then purchase the ticket you chose through an online payment.

Secure Online Payments

Online payments usually go through a secure payment gateway, and you could pay with a credit card, a debit card, or a PayPal account. Online lottery sites generally purchase tickets for you, they keep it and shares with you the e-voucher.

Cashing In Your Payouts

In case your ticket got the winning numbers, the site’s support will send you a notification through email. You can also see the winning numbers in local newspapers and on TV. You can instruct them to deposit money into your account or collect your winnings directly. If you win a jackpot, you may need to collect the rewards yourself (you will definitely like to do this!).


For security reasons, you have to present your proof of identity and complete a tax form and collect your money. In the event that the amount you win is small, you may want to retain it on the online lottery site to purchase lottery tickets at a later time.

Bottom Line

Casino games and lotteries online made gambling convenient, and the most important part is that it is definitely legal. Buying an online lottery ticket will give you peace of mind. Online casino and lottery sites are reliable and they adhere to legal norms.

Nonetheless, it is always at its best to research about the website (specifically about its encryption and security) before any transactions. If the site provides a number, you can go ahead and call them to make sure that you are dealing with a legit lottery site.

Deciding On The Best Sports Betting Possibilities

Odds suggested by an online sportsbook dictate the amount of money your wager will payout when your collection comes in. If you are searching for an online sportsbook, it is essential that you go for the one which provides competitive odds such as Satta king. Betting shops typically make their possibilities tight and finding the best wagering odds across the internet can be hard together with the many choices, therefore it’s important that you shop around for favorable chances to help you to make money in sports betting. 

Sports Betting Odds Explained

Discover How To Identify The Most Effective Sports Betting Possibilities

To be able to choose the best sports betting sites that provide the best possibilities, the first thing you have to know is the right way to read the options! Many of the sportsbooks provide odds in three forms – American, Decimal, Fractional, and it’s helpful knowing how to study all three to get the best value with your bets. By several sites you can view probabilities in the formatting you will be most acquainted with. However, a number of online sportsbooks only present one extendable for their chances. These sites could represent concealed value, plus its important that you learn how the structure works.

American odds. Exactly like decimal probabilities, this format is easy. Sportsbooks would list probabilities in negative or positive numbers. If the probabilities are negative, it implies that bettors must place their bets next to the sign to win $100. For instance, if a website displays -250 as probabilities, you should wager $250 to make $100. Alternatively, whenever the probability is with a positive sign, this implies the amount you are able to win for every single hundred dollars you bet. Positive odds are provided by sportsbooks for the underdog and negative probabilities on the preferred.

Decimal odds. These kinds of odds come with a decimal number which represents the amount of money you stand to obtain per $1. 00 you wager. As an example, if a sportsbook displays 2.6 in odds, that implies you can get $2. 6 for each $1 you wager and bet on the gambling site. To convert a decimal into a fraction, just subtract one. example 4.0 is 3/1.

Fractional opportunities. This represents the money a bettor is likely to generate for every dollar wagered if he wins. If a gambling site uses fractional odds, just convert it to decimals. For instance, the odds of 1/2 is .5. Then multiply the total amount you plan to wager with the decimal odds to get the amount you can gain. 

Determining The Best Options

Once you understand how to locate the best wagering odds, you can begin shopping for the best odds that you think will work for you. Much like slots gaming, sports betting requires bettors to understand the odds of the game before diving in. 

Pick the underdogs. You can locate the best choices if you seek out the underdogs in-game events. For the most part online sportsbooks, the probabilities for the underdogs are considerably better than that of the most probable winners. In the event that you place a modest wager on the underdog and then it is the winner, you are going to obviously generate more than wagering big on probable winners. Obviously, underdog teams usually do not win as frequently for some reasons, thus it is wiser to watch out for the best value probabilities and, particularly, a team that’s not significantly underdogs. 

Choose events with the excellent matched competition. As soon as challengers have the same abilities, probabilities will be very good. This is due to the chances of one team as successful or almost as successful as the other. In conditions like this, sportsbooks are never in a position to adjust odds to allow them an advantage. Chances are generally fixed with events having equally good competitors. 

Try to find game events where a tie is most like to happen. These kinds of events have better odds. Soccer is among the sports that are most likely to have ties. To get the best opportunities, you can even choose minor sports events.

Online Gambling Quick Overview

Gambling had always been part of any culture and tradition. It has gone through many developments over the years. In this generation, gambling has taken a step forward and made it available online. This step has proven to be beneficial to many players but at the same time posts some risks too. 

Check out the best casino apps that really pay

While there are risks involved, there are also many approaches to manage and avoid risks. What’s good about today’s gaming industry is that there are pieces of advice that you can access for free. Even if it is not legal in many countries, there are still many places that allow betting under strict conditions. 

Online Gambling Overview

If you like gambling, you can have a lot of money through online gambling regardless if its the lottery, the roulette, bingo, slots, or card games. Think about how many more gambling money you can dispose of if you choose not to go to Las Vegas. Online gambling takes away travel expenses and brings you directly to the game you prefer in casinos. Many reputable online casinos such as have relevant information about online gambling that proves helpful when you decide to take your game online. These set of information is also very handy when it comes to deciding which games to play. 

Even before placing your bets and gamble online, you want to consider what specific games you would like to play.  There are traditional casino-type online gambling sites that cater to poker players, slot players, and even bingo players. You could find all of the games that meet your internet gaming requirements.

Secure Betting System

An online casino with honest and transparent operations has a highly secure online gambling system. The best precondition for online gambling is to use a website that aims to maintain close and long term relationships with customers. It’s really rewarding to have a place to go to whenever you have a desire for wagering and to get the right service you deserve. 

A few online casinos offer advanced features such as facilities for searching financial and game records. The record allows you to review all of the bets posted on your account with precise details. For example, you can find specific deals, including the exact time, the exact amount you bet, as well as the detailed game results. Casinos online with this type of facility can provide information about deposits and withdrawals and have access to data is possible whenever hooked up to the Internet.

There are a series of games available online such as the lotteries you find at From sites to traditional casino games like bingo games, slot games, roulette, and the infamous blackjack. With this diversity, you will definitely find the best game for you.


Traditional or Online Gambling, Which is Better?

There are various forms of betting from gambling at the equine races or maybe for your preferred sports groups or attempting your opportunity at a casino game. And with today’s age of computers, you are able to gamble at any of the numerous online casino websites. So, just how does gambling online compare to traditional gambling.

Quick Comparison of Traditional and Online Gambling

To begin with, online gambling can be carried out in the comfort and ease of your own house providing you possess a computer with an active web connection and credit-based card. Certainly, no traveling involved. Traditional gambling requires travel to the gambling site.

You will need to link up with the betting site you choose meaning completing an application and it is generally free. There is no need to participate or complete any information with classic wagering.

You could have the peace of your own residence to help you concentrate on your game. However, with typical gambling, you are around people performing exactly the same thing which produces ambiance. It is a chance to socialize with close friends and also have a pleasurable trip.

Every online gambling site is contending against one another. Thus most of these sites tend to provide bonus deals to be able to attract individuals to sign up for the website. Additional bonuses could be huge with respect to the amount of cash you bet like a free trip or cash. Do you really get bonus deals with traditional casinos? No.

Finally, on gambling online websites your hard-earned money is safe within the account you set up as they have sizeable security so long as you took the personal safety measures with anti-spyware and antivirus secureness installed on your pc. With classic gambling you might run the risk of robbery, so you must look after your cash carefully.